Hall of Fame
(Nominations Open Annually July - August)


The Band of the Hour Association Hall of Fame was created to honor outstanding contributions to the University of Miami Band of the Hour. The inaugural Class of 1994 jump started a great tradition at the University of Miami.

 Members of the Hall include Miami Fight song composers, a U.S Congressman, a current Trustee of the University, and former band members. This distinct group of people stand for the tradition and history of the Band of the Hour.

 Nominations are submitted annually and voted on by members of the Band of the Hour Association.

Nominations Process

The University of Miami Band of the Hour Association of Alumni and Friends established a Hall of Fame to identify and honor, in a permanent manner, those individuals who have achieved excellence in performance and/or musicianship, in the Band of the Hour or who have contributed to the advancement of the Band by support in time, resources or talent.


Individuals who shall be designated as eligible for Hall of Fame honors are those who have:

  • Achieved excellence in the Band of the Hour, at the University, for a period of at least two academic years and have been officially disassociated as a student for a period of at least ten years.
    • Advanced and enhanced the concept of the Band at the University, through their talent as directors.
      • Contributed to the advancement of the Band of the Hour and are not classified as students or music directors and who may or may not have matriculated at the University of Miami.

      Method of Selection: Nominations

       Hall of Fame Members

      Henry Barrow Class of 1994.       Michael Braz Class of 1994      Dante B. Fascell Class of 1994
      Henry Fillmore Class of 1994Ed Holmes Class of 1994William Lampe Class of 1994
      Fred McCall Class of 1994Ken Moses Class of 1994William Schaeffer Class of 1994
      William Allen Class of 1995 Sandra Barrow Class of 1995Albert E. Clark Class of 1995
      Jeane D. Vaughn Class of 1995Bill Russell Class of 1995Logan Turrentine Class of 1996
      Janis Wadsworth Class of 1996Jesse Pearl Class of 1996Suzanne Pearl Class of 1996
      Aurelio Azpiazu Class of 1997Vic Larsen Class of 1997L. Tighe King, Jr. Class of 1997
      Jerry Holzer Class of 1998William C. Miller Class of 1998George Braithwaite Class of 1998
      Don Bennett Class of 1999Dr. Linda Graham Class of 1999Dr. Brenda Move Class of 1999
      Gilbert Acosta Class of 1999Phillip Frost Class of 2000Patricia Frost Class of 2000
      Dr. William Gora Class of 2000Dr. Joe Henium Class of 2000Michael Mann Class of 2000
      Helen T. Braithwaite Class of 2000Carmine Parente Class of 2001Jeff Sopshin Class of 2002
      Kip Sullivan Class of 2003Mel Baker Class of 2004Jay Rees Class of 2004
      Gus Perry Class of 2006Cynthia Lasso Class of 2006Jim Fleming Class of 2006
      Alan Harriet Class of 2007Connie Weldon Class of 2007William Bennett Class of 2008
      Kenneth Fuchs Class of 2008Bonnie Baldatti Class of 2009 Henry Duffy Class of 2009
       Reginald Nicholson Class of 2009William A. Clark Class of 2010 Ed Caughran Class of 2011
       David Mills Class of 2011 Michael Graff Class of 2011 Randolph Cash Class of 2012
       AL G. Wright Class of 2012 Gary Green Class of 2013 Larry Tremblay Class of 2013
       1933 UM Band Class of 2013 Charles Damon Class of 2014 Sherry Schnell Class of 2014
       Walter Etling Class of 2014 Sheldon Berg Class of 2015 Melinda Mizrachi Class of 2015
       August Silva Class of 2016 Ralph Hayes Class of 2017 Paul D'Angelo Class of 2018
       Debbie Baker Robinson Class of 2018 Laura Harland Dunham Class of 2018 Mario Cruz Class of 2019
       Michael Howard Class of 2019 Dayna Turner Cole Class of 2021 Jennifer Jimenez Class of 2021
       Pedro Basnueva Class of 2022 Jenny Dunk Stull Class of 2023 Larry Shane Class of 2023
       Rick Veingrad Class of 2023